Thursday, August 20, 2009

Filipino food

Today is the arrival of the Filipino food we ordered online. When my husband arrived we went outside to see if the chicken house we built is alright. So far so good the everything is alright. Afterward we went to the garden area and there we enjoyed seeing the veggies blooming. We picked up two eggplant for supper and okra and my husband cooked them for supper. I always love the cooking of my husband and I am proud of him. Good news, when my husband took his bathe, I heard something knocking the door. I run and check and when I open the door there is a big box outside. Guess what it was? It was the Filipino food mmmmmmmmmm. Some of our orders got delayed for some reason. According to them some stuff got broken. The good thing is they also insert free brochure and I love it. It is a brochure where you can shop dresses etc. If you are interested to buy Filipino food just search online and type in Filipino food in IOWA. They sell low cost products that you will be satisfied. It is the second time we ordered food from them. If you are american and have a Filipino wife then take my advice. As you can see the photo soy sauce is more than any other products. I love soy sauce and my hubby as well. Guys! I hope you will enjoy to see the photo I uploaded here. Give me your comments if you have and I will be happy to read them. If you ask for Filipino website we shopped in ask me by living a comment and I will give you the link.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My husband choosed the nice template for my blog

Hello folks have a pleasant evening. Here with I will write something about what I did today and what my husband got for My husband is working at sawmill company and he went to work on summer time at about 3 pm and he got home at about 1:30 over usually. When he got home today I was trying to find some best template that is easy to download.My mind got confused of choosing the best one and I asked him to choose one for me and the template I have now here is the one he choosed. How do you like this new template I have now? I hope you like it like I do. Talking about my day, I have a productive day. I worked at the garden area and got to water the garden. I also did jogging with our beautiful funny dog Blanche. She keeps me company and chase me while I jogged. When I told my husband he got tickled. Another thing I did is, I get to talk to my sister in Philippines. Anyway it is time for me to hit the bed so I better say good night guys.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I got a new layout

I didn't went back to bed since I got up about 3 am. I talked to my sister Nemia and I have fun talking with her and seeing them working beside the house. They build a small store so they have steady income. They are not done yet. They put cement floor and no wonder why it takes longer to finish their store. Oh well, I am kind of tired today, I didn't get to jogged, you know I am updating my blog and got busy choosing the best layout. I search some beautiful layouts online but I didn't find the best and free layout for my blog. Finally I went to my favorite site where their layout is simple and clear. I found this layout now and I hope you like it. I'm sorry guys I accidentally delete the link I've had in my blog list. If you visit here again please leave me a message and we will exchange link. It is about 11 pm now and I have not prepare food for lunch yet. I better go cook now before I got stomach ache. You know when I eat my lunch late I would get stomach ache. Have fun guys!

Monday, August 17, 2009

We mow the yard

It is our rest day but we didn't count it as our rest day as we work and sweating a lot. We mow the yard so the yard looks clean and green. The grass is not growing fast now as the winter is coming. It is getting colder now and I don't know how it feels. I guess colder than I hope not but if so I will still get warm as I have my lovable man to keep me warm. In other part, we work in chicken house yesterday and we finished it. I took one photo to show you how it looks like. I am sure you will like it as my husband built it. It is pretty well built that tornadoes can't beat it. My husband did a fine job in building, I'm sure 100% the chicken will be keep warm as it is pretty durable and tight. All we have to do on this day forward is to put pen around it for the safe of our chicken from animals around our property. There are lots animals around this area. There are snake, deer, squirrel, opossum, mouse, armadillo and more. Our house is surrounded by trees that you can't see it from the road. I like it here a lot, we have privacy that you can walk outside with panties on is The place where my husband and I live is not a crowded place therefore it is alright to go outside with panties We ate supper on the swing yesterday. I am glad my husband always give me his support every time. I am very proud of him and I hope God will give us many happy years together. Guys! I will end this post now. Its time for me to cook my breakfast.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

We went to Berryville

We went to town yesterday to buy groceries and bank. We bought stuff for chicken house such as extension wire, chicken food, chicken feeder and nails. The chicken we ordered online will arrive Wednesday and it is good that everything is settle before they arrive. They are not big chicken, they are are about 1 day old and need to be taking care of very well. By they way, the thing I want to share here today is, my husband and I went to Berryville to visit the Museum. Good gosh the museum look small outside but when you go inside they are big and full of expensive stuff that you can never tell how much they're cost. They have different kinds of glass, different kinds of flower base, different kinds of indian stuff, different kinds of animals and more. My husband and I had a good time there, we took a lot of photos and I will share two photos here so you can see them. Don't forget to leave me your comment if you have. Bad or good comments are accepted, so feel free to express your what you think of. Another thing we did today is, we eat at Chinese Restaurant and I like their services. They have buffet service and I like it. My husband and I are both full that we can't able to I like the food, they have shrimp, chicken, pork, beef, fruits and more. For those who want to go there I will give you hence where you can find them. They are located in Berryville, if you have an internet try to search them, they might have website online. Have fun guys!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Native chicken

My husband and I worked again on the chicken house yesterday. It was great, we nearly got it done. We ran out of nails and today we rested a lot but if we still had nails I am sure we would work at the chicken house Last night when we got done eating supper my husband and I checked the website we bookmarked a week ago. We found a great deal in ordering chickens online. We had many choices and we got the following breeds of chickens; New hampsire, Barred rock, Golden comets, Delaware, Brown leghorn, Black Australorp and Single comb Rhode island Red. The total cost of the chicken we ordered is $125.00. We ordered 85 chicks and 50 of the chicks are male chickens. I am glad the shipping is not too exspensive. We found out this evening though that they don't have some of the chickens we ordered in stock so they substituted some others. The place where we ordered chickens online is not far from where we live. They are located in Missouri, the place where my mother in-law lives. We got the confirmation today and they said they will deliver the chickens next Wednesday. I can't wait to have the chickens we ordered. I'm sure they are beautiful and I would enjoy myself feeding them. If you want to check their website visit them at Native chicken.

Anyway, I am glad my husband didn't work at our chicken house today. It lets us have time to relax. Ok peeps! this is it for now. May you have a pleasant evening with a perfect

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My husband made temporary dog house for Blanche

My husband made temporary dog house for Blanche. Last night was so windy and it felt so good while my husband and I work outside. This morning is still cold. The sun hiding behind the cloud but even so I jogged. I often jog on our drive way where there is no car passes by. I am proud of our dog she keeps me company always. It makes me laugh when I first opened the door to feed our chicken and dog. Blanche was still asleep, I guess he liked the temporary house my husband made for her yesterday. He isn't supposed to have a temporary house but since the weather is not good my husband made them for her. I like the weather even its raining hard, it makes me feel comfy. Sometimes when we are inside the house most of the time we felt irritable. I been thinking that it might be because there is no fresh air blooming when you are inside. I grown at the farm with a simple house that even when you are inside the house you can feel the wind blew around. I been here for about four months and it seems to me time passes swiftly. My husband and I have many things accomplished, we started to put boards around the house, we started to build chicken house, we had veggies and flower gardens. On the day forward we we are planning to build porch but we also depend on economy. I wish I'm working so I can help my husband. As for him he contented to have me here stayed at the house. He didn't like me work in town, he is thinking about accident as its hard to drive going to town during winter time. I know he is right and I am glad he think about that. I can tell that he loves me the same as I love him. Guys if you have story about you and your husband that you want to share you can leave comments below of this post and then I will do the same. I know its good to share things right too, it makes my day occupied and

Saturday, August 8, 2009

We bought stuff to make a chicken house and pen

Its a pretty hot day but even so we did what we planned to do today. We ate at the restaurant for breakfast and I got so full and my hubby ate a lot. Our dishes looked like 4 people had ate instead of only two lol. We had a big meal, we had bacon, omelet, biscuits and gravy, ham, and fried potatoes. A good southern meal. Today is my second time to eat at that restaurant with my hubby. After eating we went to the bank to deposit my husbands check and then we went to the lumber company in Huntsville to buy chicken wire, roofing tin, and nails. Yesterday when my hubby arrived from work he surprised me. He arrived earlier than he usually does because his boss let them off work early. I was happy that he arrived early as I want to be with my husband all the time. He brought several pieces of lumber home to build a chicken house because we plan to buy some chickens soon. I helped him unload the lumber and then after that we dug holes to bury the posts. After that my hubby kept working. He put up the posts so he will be ready to build the chicken house when we buy the other lumber. He works five or six working days and he is tired usually. His back hurts most of the time and I give him massages every night to help relieve the back I love my hubby as I love my self and I hope someday we could have a baby to spend our lives with. Another thing we did today is, we went to the town of Berryville, we bought whisky and beer. Hubby drinks mixed drinks sometimes and I drink a beer. The other thing we did today is, my hubby let me drive the truck on the dirt road again on the way home and also when we went to town. I enjoy driving as it helps me not to be car sick, because it keeps my mind busy.

On the other hand, my hubby fixed supper and I liked our supper a lot. He cooked outside on the grill. He cooked pork ribs..yummy! we ate supper in the yard sitting on our swing. We had corn, pork ribs and our special sauce that is a recipe from the Philippines. Do you guys cook outside a lot too? Please feel free to express your story and I would be happy to read them. Just leave your comment at the bottom of this post. Thank you and you guys have a great weekend!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Take a look at my new purse and shoes!

I decided to take photos of the purse and shoes my sister sent to me. I got the package that she sent several weeks ago. I didn't think my sister and I have the same foot size but the shoes she sent me are beautiful and fit on my feet perfectly. As for this day, I didn't do much work but just cleaning the house and updating blogs. If the weather turns out good tomorrow I will take time to work at our garden area. By the way how well do you like the pics of my new shoes and purse that I posted here? I guess you may say " I like them all and wish I could have them now" Just kidding so never mind what I say. I hope you guy's have a productive day with perfect smile. There is a saying that goes,,, " Start your day with a beautiful smile" meaning even if you don't have food to eat for breakfast or even it someone makes you mad, just start your day with a beautiful smile. That makes your day more wonderful. Smile from ear to ear with For those people who want a friend to smile with I'm always here. So come to me and lets smile I have learned these things in my lifes journey and I hope to share more of them with you as time goes on.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Squirrels ate our corn at the garden...believe or not?

Its a beautiful day with a perfect temperature. We went to town to do our laundry and groceries. We came home a little bit late this afternoon. Why? We met friends in town. We met two Filipina ladies that are mother and daughter, we also met a friend of my husband. We enjoyed talking with them. All of them are nice. When we were on the way home my husband let me drive the truck on the dirt road again and I enjoyed it very much. I feel scared driving sometimes. The road is not wide and when there is a car behind or in front of us it is hard to keep going unless the other should stop first and let us go. When we got home we found something bad had happened in our garden. The corn was eaten by some kind of animal. My husband thinks that squirrels were the ones eating that. I also think a squirrel is the guilty one lol. My journey here in this new world is interesting always! So many things here are different than in my country. So much to learn and the culture is interesting. My husband thinks the culture in my country is very interesting also. We do a great job of mixing our culture. We promised to do that when we decided to get married and we have. We always walk together in our journey of life, and that is the way God says it should be. Ok guys! have a pleasant evening!

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