Saturday, October 31, 2009

My husband work outside

Lol, its weekend and my husband and I woke up late again. You know we went to bed pretty late last night about 2 pm. My husband watched movie and I played game online name Shaiya. When I woke up this morning I cooked the last meat of our chicken. We have fried chicken and caldereta with rice...yummy!. Yesterday was a good day too and my husband didn't go to work again. They run out of logs and we decided to go to Springdale and bought our groceries. We went to Walmart super center and there I found lots of cheaper movies. We bought four movies as we don't have TV connection. I guess it is a good idea to buy movies than paying the connection for TV every month. Economy is getting bad so I guess we did a good job in turning off the TV connection.

When I get back home my husband and I talked to my families in Philippines. The kids misses us a lot and we called them on phone. They look forward to meet us again. They love us and we love them the same. I hope God will keep them all safe and sound. Well it is a pretty day today and my husband and I will work outside. He is working there now building the door for the rooster house. I hope his back will get well soon. I guess sleeping too much makes our back

Friday, October 30, 2009

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Keyboard and router

Friday is our groceries day and when we get back home my husband asked me if I saw something on the porch. It was our ordered keyboard and router online. I am glad they arrived very soon. The HDD is not delivered yet. Here I will tell you the good things of the keyboard and router. After we put up our groceries my husband installed the router and I installed the keyboard. the router is very good and the keyboard as well. The keyboard has a lot of shortcut keys, it has keys for opening messenger quickly, home page, email, volume, minimize and maximize and many more. the mouse is also great, you can turn the mouse off and on if you are ready to use to save the battery. I like shopping online and I will always do that. The stuff at the store near us some cost a lot like the router we bought at Walmart cost nearly 50 dollar. The router we got cost very less about 15 to 20 dollar and it is working pretty good. If you are to know the site my husband shopped it was Tiger site. I don't know the exact URL but try I know there is no harm in trying right? Ok guys this is what I will share for you today. God bless you all!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

LCD monitor

My husband used the computer I often use last night and it was working pretty good. I don't have an idea what happened to it this morning. When I turn it on the security tools pop up and notify me to put the code. When I click activation button it asked me to put the security code and will charge me more than $50. I hate it, it is aggravating. I hope my husband can solved this problem. Not only that but the desktop icon gone even I click show desktop icon. Sound like there is other person operating the computer I use. I hope this computer didn't get a virus. The pop up appears every 2 to 3 minutes and about 5 minutes or more it restart on its on. I am doing something like updating my blog and I lost what I did. It is raining here but the connection is working pretty good so I won't say the connection is the problem. This computer full of videos, pictures and more files that I will count if I count them. I hope its not overloaded. Guys this is what I can share for you today. Hope you have a good week guys!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Find your favorite car online

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Monday, October 19, 2009

We rake the dead leaves in our yard

Yesterday was a pretty day. My husband and I stayed a lot outside. We mowed the yard and cook outside. We played horseshoe and take a walk in the woods. We had a good time this weekend. The yard looks beautiful again. I didn't expect that mowing the yard this time change the look of our yard. You know a lot of dead leaves in the yard and they are thick as the leaves of trees started to fall off.

We hauled the dead leaves with tractor and ATV. I drove the ATV and my husband drove the We work together in everything and I guess marriage is supposed to be that way. This is my first time of marriage and I am learning about the life of a married person. Guys it is quite cold today and I feel tired. I hate it when ticks or flea's bite me because I itch a lot. This is what I can share with you today guys!

Friday, October 16, 2009

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Got up late

Oh it is so nice to stay in bed I feel very energetic when I got today and my husband feel He said he feel that way usually when he first got up from bed. I feel that way sometime especially when I am tired. My husband wanted me to sleep more but I feel bad sleeping more so I got up and prepare food. I cooked apretada and rice and we have fish kilawin too...yummy! We ate our meal about 2 He is the one feed our chickens today. It is cold outside and when I first got up I went outside the door and my husband heard someone shooting gun around. I guess they are hunting animals. I hope they won't hunt in out property. Oh well the yard are full of dead leaves and I don't know what to do with it. I am lazy because I got stuck in playing games online we called Shaiya. I like that kind of games help me not to get lonely much while my husband is at work. My husband did not go to work today. They run out of log but tomorrow he will go. It sound like the economy is getting bad as time pass by. I hope someday the economy turns good so people that lost their job can work again.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wedding photos

As I promised I will upload their wedding photos here today. October 10,2009, is the wedding of two special creations of God, Melba and Jerry. They have a pretty good wedding. Everything is settled and the wedding went well. They have bridesmaids and groomsmen too and flower girls as well. Sounds like they have special wedding.I hope you will enjoy to see the photos I uploaded here. The flowers are my cousins and bridesmaid too. My uncle is 48 years old and my cousin is 25 years old. My cousin is my mother niece and my uncle is my father youngest brother. I didn't expect they would fall in love to each other, you know when my uncle was young he tried to serenade my cousin Melba elder sister. He was kind of shy that time until my cousin sister got married to other man. As what I heard my cousin sister feel in love with my uncle but my uncle didn't have courage to express his feelings toward my cousin sister. Kind of funny but thats .Some member of my family didn't get to attend their wedding.My mother didn't get to attend their website. She has appendicitis surgery last Sunday and I didn't expect that to happened to her. I was shocked when my sister informed me that she in hospital at Dumaguete City. From now on she is doing alright and relaxing trying to regain her strength back. Guys this is all I can share with you today. Have a good day!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two days ago was my cousins and uncles wedding

Last night I stay up late playing games online. My brother Robert came online and he sent me a lot of wedding photos of my cousin and uncle. They have a pretty neat wedding but there is something wrong in the wedding name decoration. They spelled the word wedding as weeding. That was funny and my husband noticed that one last He laughed a lot, during my wedding that happened too, my name was spell Gamma instead of Gemma. Guys if you are planning to get married make sure to check the decoration of your wedding so people that witness won't get confused. I will upload their photos on the next post. It is on the other computer so I will do it later. I am quite lazy today and last week too. Well guys this is all I can share with you today. Hope you guys have a good day!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tomorrow will be the wedding of my cousin and uncle

It is so sad that my mother and some member of my family can't attend the wedding of my cousin and uncle but I guess they can understand because my mother have appendicitis surgery took out. I hope she can get out in the hospital soon. I hate hospital smell bad especially in the public hospital. My mother been to the hospital two times. The first one was she was bleeding and she nearly die that time. I am glad God save her life from those incident. From now on she is living in the hospital with my sister and father taking good care of her. I'm sure she can't attend the wedding because their wedding would be tomorrow. I hope everything goes well on their wedding and also I hope the weather turns good so the people attend the wedding won't get Guys it is raining right now so I better get off. Have a nice day guys!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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Oh its raining

Lol, my husband and I woke up late today. You know he did not go to work today because they run out of logs to saw. I guess tomorrow they don't have to work too because loggers can't go in the woods with a wet

We just got done feeding our chickens and now my husband is cooking food for lunch. He loves to cook and I do too. He cook meat loaf and I sure they are taste. I love his cooking. Anyway guys I am addicted to play the game Shaiya online. Yesterday I played a lot and I got mad with the darki player because they are so sneaky. I feel bad because my character always die. Guys hope all of you have a good week. This is all I can share today...bye.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My journey is fun and drive me nut sometime

I am a Filipina, married to American man and we live together for seven months. We started our relation since April 28,2006. Those years goes by I wasn't with him as marrying American people or foreign people goes to many procedure first. One thing I will advice for those people who are planning to get married. Please don't decide to marry if you have never met a man or woman to marry. I have met my husband and the first time I met him I decided to get married. One reason is I felt close to him that I thought I would be comfortable living with him. Oh well I am comfortable but as what I said people living in different world have many troubles to face and adjust. I have a hard time adjusting my self here and until now I got a hard time. Being alone inside the house most of the time is hard and drives me nut and stay away from people. I am not like this when I was single. If you are single or have never been married before I advice you guys to not married a woman or man directly because there is blame later. Guys this is I can share for now. May God bless you all!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Heroes of Newerth" is coming soon!

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